Grimm Panel Right after I gave Reggie Lee Art


Grimm Panel from Rose City Comic Con 2015 (Full Panel) 

Meeting Reggie Lee was so Amazing

Facebook Like by Reggie Lee

  • I posted the photo on Facebook and got liked by Reggie Lee after I got on a computer and was able to tag him. 
  • As an Artist I still feel like I was in an illution the entire time I was meeting Reggie, I think he hugged me three times. I was in shock because he was so Nice!
  • I remember him saying that he was going to hang the artwork in his trailer.
  • I just have to say to him Thank you so much. For making me feel special. Especially that year.

RoseCity ComicCon

 I was so happy to work for Rose City. My home town, the con is based in my home. I am so thankful to the staff. Because they were so nice in letting me get art to Reggie Lee. I still can not believe that it happened.

It was one of the most Magical times in my life. Because someone who made me laugh. Who I looked up to was so happy to meet me.

I have PTSD and I am not sure why but there are moments I remember and moments I don't. I had co-workers with me. So they could help me remember because even in good times. I forget. I WISH I got a photo with Reggie. But I wanted to stay Professional. 

Thanks Reggie

  • thank you reggie for making me laugh in tropic thunder and Grimm. You make my day. Your Humor is amazing