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Ive been an artist since my grandpa taught me how to trace my hand. The art I create is from my Heart which is Pretty Big.

About Ashley Bashlee

Ashley's Story

Ashley started creating art after learning that her youngest son, Gabriel had to have surgery to remove a Bone Tumor. He also had to have it biopsied.

"If it was not for creating the art, I do not know how I would have gotten thru that time in my life. Just thinking that my son could have had cancer was the worst time in my life. Just sitting in the waiting room while he was in surgery was the worst feeling. As a Parent." Ashley Mcilvain (Ashley Bashlee Art)

I ended up working at Wizard World Con as a volunteer and made Michael Rooker and a few other people who were at the Con some art. Just as a thank you for helping me escape my reality by watching them on tv and movies. I never expected to get the reactions that I got.

Charity Work

Ashley donates art to Local Schools auctions for her kids school district in Clackamas Oregon area and her Hometown Milwaukie Oregon

Ashley also is working with Local Charity Runner and book writer, Jeff Davis and donates Yearly to the Vancouver Military. Jeff you are the best!

Contact Ashley if You want her to Donate an Original art piece for a Good Cause.


Ashleys Goal

I started out just creating art of people who I liked and met at Comic cons. I gave art away to people. But the reactions that I got weren't expected. 

I just want to sell art that I create so that I can make an honest living. But also donate to charity's.

Thanks to Michael Rooker (for yelling my name in the Las Vegas convention), Josh McDermitt (For saying your that artist), Reggie Lee (For saying I am putting this in my trailer and You need a hug. You need another hug.) and Milo Ventimiglia (for saying Your giving this to me? Oh my God. And taking a picture with me). Elvira for talking about me on the radio. Biggest thanks to my favorite person in the whole world besides my kids. 

Bill because soul mates can be a real thing especially when they are your best friend in the world.


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